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PSR Viewer component
PSR Viewer is visual component, designed for reports management (.psr), stored in separated files. Component has own UI. Additionally, using our PSR Viewer component you can build your own psr viewer utility for distribute to your clients.

So ...
  • If you develop an application using PowerBuilder...
  • And you provide possibility to save reports to .psr-files...
  • And your clients wish to manipulate with saved reports...

  •      Add PSR Viewer in your application!

  • Mass viewing
  • Mass converting into different formats (Excel 97/2003, Excel 2007, HTML, Text)
  • Mass mailing through your mail client (by IMAP)
  • Mass printing
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Building standalone utility
  • All features of DW2XLS v4.x included.
  • Good technical support.

  • Update policy:
    • All minor updates (versions .xx) are free-of-charge.

    You have a technical question? Write to us.

          The following screenshots illustrate component's interface:

    Download demo
          Download demo version of PSR Viewer

    Version:3.0.0, 27 Dec 2010
    Limitations:Internal message
    Download links (choose the demo with exactly the same build number as your PowerBuilder has, otherwise it would not work):

    If you are programmer — look at DW2XLS component.
        Only EUR 169.95 per application and you will receive the full version of PSR Viewer with sources via e-mail.
    If you are registered user of DW2XLS or PB2XLS you can get discount for purchasing PSR Viewer. Write us.

    MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Yandex.Money are accepted.

    PSR Viewer utility can be purchased online securely using the following link:

  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 6.* EUR 169.95
  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 7.* EUR 169.95
  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 8.* EUR 169.95
  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 9.* EUR 169.95
  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 10.* EUR 169.95
  • PSR Viewer for PowerBuilder 11.* EUR 169.95

    You have a financial question? Write to us.

    License Agreement
    Thesises of License Agreement:
  • are granted to use one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT per developer...
  • may not rent or lease the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, but you may transfer...
  • ...all risks and losses associated with its use are assumed by you...

     Full version of License Agreement...

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