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Dw2xls library for PowerBuilder
DW2XLS is a PowerBuilder library designed for export Datawindow & Datastore to an Excel format with cell's formatting.

What's new in v5.X:
64-bit support.
.NET WinForms deployments support.
TreeView DW support.
Appeon deployments support (with additional license fee).

Support of Freeform, Grid, Tabular, N-UP, Group, Crosstab, Composite, TreeView and Nested DW styles
Support of Text, Column, Expression types of DW objects
Support of DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table and EditMask edit styles of fields
Conversion of a set of Datawindows and Datastores to separate spreadsheets of Excel workbook
Support of all data types
Support of all kinds of text and data formatting
OLE-components are not required
Excel 97/2007/2010 (XLS/XLSX(OOXML)) format support
Easy-to-use program interface
Good technical support.

  • SlideLeft, SlideUp are not supported yet
  • In some builds of PowerBuilder machine code (DLL) builds of DW2XLS fail with GPF during export.
  • .Net WebForms deployments are not supported.

Update policy:
All minor updates (Versions .xx) are free-of-charge.

Great thanks to Roland Berns for his assistance in development of a function for saving Datastore to an Excel file. The right of unlimited support and product upgrades for DW2XLS library is awarded to him.

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Desta awards from Desta dw2xls editors choice Desta dw2xls editors choice
      The following screenshots illustrate converting of the reports with various presentation styles:
Report with Tabular presentation style
Report with Group presentation style
Report with Freeform presentation style
Report with Grid presentation style
Report with N-UP presentation style
Download demo
          Download demo version of DW2XLS library.
Version: 5.1.12, 29 Jan 2019
License: Demo
Limitation: Internal message
Documentation: Developer's reference
Getting Started!
Download links (choose the demo with exactly the same build number as your PowerBuilder has, otherwise it would not work):

    Only EUR 169.00-199.00 per each develover and you'll receive full version of DW2XLS with the PowerBuilder source code via e-mail.
MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Yandex.Money are accepted.

DW2XLS library with source code can be purchased online securely using the following links:
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 2021 EUR 199.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 2019 EUR 199.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 2017 EUR 199.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 12.6 EUR 199.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 12.* (including 12.5) EUR 199.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 11.* (including 11.5) EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 10.* (including 10.5) EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 9.* EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 8.* EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 7.* EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 6.* EUR 169.00
DW2XLS for PowerBuilder 5.* EUR 169.00
Upgrade already licensed DW2XLS to any other PB version EUR 149.00
Dw2xls deploy to AppeonWeb feature license EUR 299.00

Note: Minor updates inside of purchased version of Dw2xls is free-of-charge as we promised.

Note: Please, add our email (dw2xls_support (@) to SPAM exclusions.

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License Agreement
Thesises of License Agreement: are granted to use one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT per developer... may not rent or lease the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, but you may transfer... may not distribute any of the author's commercial source code... have right to distribute DW2XLS as compiled module only in conjunction with the executable files that make use of them...
...all risks and losses associated with its use are assumed by you...

 Full version of License Agreement...
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