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Desta is a software company engaged in development and implementation of software in the fields of the accounting (including GAAP) management, financial analysis, HR management, forwarding, agricultural operations, travel business, etc. Many companies and enterprises use our software. Well-considered price policy and rich functionality give us the opportunity to offer flexible and forward-looking solutions.

DW2XLS is a powerful PowerBuilder library designed for storing Datawindow and Datastore to an Excel workbook.

  • Support of Freeform, Grid, Tabular, N-UP, Group, Crosstab, Composite and Nested DW styles
  • Support of Text, Column, Expression types of DW objects
  • Support of DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table and EditMask edit styles of fields
  • Conversion of a set of Datawindows and Datastores to separate spreadsheets of Excel workbook
  • Support of all data types
  • Support of all kinds of text and data formatting
  • OLE-components are not required
  • Excel 97 and Excel 2007 format support
  • Easy-to-use program interface
  • Good technical support.
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PbGuard (by Anatoly Moskovsky - our partner and friend)

PbGuard is a command line utility that implements encryption of PowerBuilder applications to protect them against decompilers or unauthorized modifications.


  • Support versions of PowerBuilder from v.5 to v.12 (classic)
  • Support the p-code (PBD) and the machine code (DLL) targets
  • The program source code is not changed to support protection. PbGuard protects compiled executables and libraries (the source code is not even needed).
  • Each encryption uses a unique generated encryption key, so that no two protected programs would have the same key.
  • Support reusing the key for applications sharing their libraries.
  • Support adding encrypted PBDs to library list at runtime.
  • Protected program does not require any additional external DLLs

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PB2XLS is a powerful PowerBuilder library which allows to create manualy XLS file ftom scratch.


  • to create Excel files

  • to write information into cells and worksheets

  • formatting cells and worksheets.

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PowerBatch (by Anatoly Moskovsky - our partner and friend)

PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder compiler.


  • command line compiling mode
  • support of PowerBuilder 5 - 12 classic and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0
  • automatic detection of installed PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder version
  • Conversion of a set of Datawindows and Datastores to separate spreadsheets of Excel workbook
  • import existing PowerBuilder projects
  • check for duplicate objects

    and much more...

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PSR Viewer

PSR Viewer is a visual component, designed for reports management (.psr), stored in separated files. Component has own UI. Additionally, using our PSR Viewer component you can build your own psr viewer utility for distribute to your clients.

  • Mass viewing
  • Mass converting into different formats (Excel 97/2003, Excel 2007, HTML, Text)
  • Mass mailing through your mail client (by IMAP)
  • Mass printing
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Building standalone utility
  • All features of DW2XLS v4.x included.
  • Good technical support.

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PBInvoke (by Anatoly Moskovsky - our partner and friend)

PBInvoke is a PowerBuilder library for calling external DLL functions with arbitrary parameter and return types - structures, unions, pointers, etc. including function pointers to PowerBuilder methods callable from DLL code as callbacks.

    PBInvoke goals

  • Allow PowerBuilder developers to work in PowerScript with complex data structures without writing wrapper DLLs in other languages such as C/C++.
  • Make declarations of external functions ANSI/Unicode-independent which avoids migration issues when using the same code across ANSI and Unicode versions of PowerBuilder.
  • Support any C/C++ data type (except classes). This includes complex nested data types involving structs, unions, pointers, simple types and their combinations.
  • Support not only STDCALL calling convention, but also CDECL which is default in C/C++ programs.
  • Allow PB code to be called from external functions as callbacks with full access to passed parameters.
  • Support wide range of PowerBuilder versions from PB 6 to PB 11.5 and any future version.

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