29.06.2005 Pb2xls v 1.6.1 released
15.09.2004 Pb2xls v 1.6 released
09.02.2004 Pb2xls v 1.5 released
29.12.2003WinHelp documentation released
17.12.2003Pb2xls v 1.4 released
17.12.2003Documentation updated
14.08.2003Pb2xls v 1.3 released
07.07.2003Pb2xls v 1.2 released
22.07.2003Documentation updated
Desta dw2xls editors choice Desta dw2xls editors choice

Pb2xls is the powerful component for PowerBuilder applications which allows:

  • to create Excel files
  • to write information into cells and worksheets
  • formating cells and worksheets.
  • If you want to save a datawindow to an excel file try Dw2xls library

    Quick Info
    File Name:Pb2xlsDemo.zip
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    Release date:29.06.2005
    PriceEUR 35.95 per developer  Buy! 
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    Replacement of Pb2xls for PB5-10 with Pb2xls for other PB version.  Buy! 
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    Note, that "Replacement" is not "Upgrade". Upgrade is free-of-charge as we promised.

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    Desta is a software company engaged in development and implementation of software in the fields of the accounting (including GAAP) management, financial analysis, HR management, forwarding, agricultural operations, travel business, etc. Many companies and enterprises use our software. Well-considered price policy and rich functionality give us the opportunity to offer flexible and forward-looking solutions.